Le Cementine was born from the need for a dining destination that offers its guests healthy options, an attentive approach to the raw materials and the preparation of its dishes, as well as superb customer care.

The restaurant’s setting is completely surrounded by nature, in which diners can enjoy the distinct beauty of every season, transmitting a sense of peace and harkening back to the natural rhythms of things.

The restaurant’s structure is characterized by an innovative and evocative design. Glass walls on all sides give guests the impression that they are dining al fresco in the surrounding park.

Rustic wooden tables and soft lighting render the room warm and welcoming. In the warmer months, a verdant pergola allows guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and expands the reception area for outdoor celebrations.

The restaurant takes its name from the colorful cement tiles that are the characteristic element of the floor. These majolica, which originates from the Puglia region, are all hand-painted, making each one different and unique.


Le Cementine is H-FARM’s first restaurant that is open to the public, who with a team of food enthusiasts aims to provide a new culinary experience for the local area that is in line with the pioneering philosophy that nurtures young people and their resourcefulness.

Le Cementine is located on the H-FARM campus, a place where innovation, entrepreneurship and education co-inhabit and grow together.


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Domenica 12–15

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