The Restaurant

Le Cementine is located in Ca ’Tron, in the province of Treviso and a few minutes away from the Venice lagoon. We are in the heart of the Cà Tron agricultural district and steps away from the banks of the Sile River.

Surrounded by trees, an expansive green lawn and a bountiful vegetable garden, Le Cementine offers traditional Mediterranean dishes where the distinct flavors reflect the excellent local products. The restaurant is the setting for dinners and events that are enhanced by the warmth of the winter dining room and the wonders of the summer terrace.

The Vegetable Garden

The beauty of being able to go to our vegetable garden to hand pick the ingredients that end up on your plate is a hallmark of our Restaurant.

We offer an instinctive and contemporary cuisine, which makes the concept of no-waste the main focus. Our menu is solidly based on seasonality so that we are able to utilize ingredients during their peak.

The Team

The team is led by Alberto Toè, a young chef trained in acclaimed international kitchens, who guides the culinary experimentation with the creativity and passion that is the basis of the dishes that are presented to our guests.

A curiosity for culinary traditions from around the world and the desire to experiment are the values that we look for in the people who wish to work with us; this is also why our team is made up of kitchen experts who come from all over the globe.

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